Limiting the Media Intake.

I’ve finally admitted to myself that I spend far too much time on the Internet. I’m not like my dad, so I won’t be writing it off as almost-Satanic or anything, but I think it’s time I had a major cut down. Ask anyone that knows me; I pride myself in not watching television. Television isn’t awful either, and I still watch some documentaries and dramas on iPlayer or whatever, but I’m so glad to be rid of it–especially during the X-Factor seasons. However, there’s no point in being proud of myself if I spend several hours a day in front of another screen. The Internet is great, but it can make you just as much of a drone as television can.

Have you ever wanted to research something on Wikipedia, say, Origins of Christmas, and found yourself on a page of Cats two hours later? It’s so easy to get carried away on the web, it really is. The internet is a great source of information–and a great way to witness to others, like this blog. You can reach people and contact people who are far away in other countries, but it has a devastating downside: it takes us away from Bible study.

I know a woman who always has a Bible text on the tip of her tongue. No matter the topic, she always knows exactly where to find what response in the Bible. It’s incredible. Also, look at Jesus. When he was being tempted by Satan, he casually quoted Scripture. These things don’t happen overnight; it comes from constant study and devotion, spending time with God. If I spent even a fraction of the time I spend on Facebook in the Word then I’d probably know the whole Book off by heart. And especially now, as more and more people misquote the Bible, bend the truths, demand answers from me as a Christian, it’s important that I know what’s what.

And maybe then I won’t feel so lost when I have to come off the computer during Sabbath…


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