You opened your locket
just for me;
two sides arched like
the waves
that rippled above the Israelites
as they marched towards the promised land.

The clasp came undone
I heard you gasp
and we worked together;
hands entwined
so you could guide
that part of me to work inside.

Such a thing, a locket:
powerful, tenacious, inducing awe to the beholder
yet with an appearance of delicacy
and fragility
an oxymoron reflecting the complexities of woman;
a creation that was truly thought about
a creation to make one feel truly proud

A thing impossible to live without
from Eden ’till now
an influence hopeless to understand;
a force that could
tear down Samson, Solomon, the greatest of men
but in its purity a force to cherish and protect.

It’s a privilege
for you to allow me
to be encased within you.


2 thoughts on “Creation

  1. I’ve been reading through your stuff Abi, and I am continually surprised at how good it is. Not surprised that it’s good, because good is expected. It’s not just good. It’s meaningful, and creative, and poignant and incisive. You really are talented, and God has blessed you with an incredible gift with words. I’m really blessed by reading all your work. Shade x

    • Ohh thank you so much! It means a lot. I’m just trying my best, you know? I don’t want the talent He’s given me to go to waste. I’m glad you like what I’ve written 🙂 🙂

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