I Like Naked Women

This is my first post of September. My posts have been irregular of late. Forgive me, I’d like to change that.

Last post I spoke about lust and beaches. I put a note at the end that the discussion would be continued because I have a lot to say on the matter—I reckon I could do three more posts on it, actually. Maybe in the future, when the time is right. For now, I want to address something that followed on from the discussion I had with my friend about swimming costumes…

I have very interesting friends. One of my other friends (male) has a problem with me reblogging photos of naked women on my Tumblr page. In another conversation I had, one of my male friends told me that it’s inappropriate. It led on to a discussion with the first friend about why he thought the way he  did about my blog having naked women on it. I won’t go into details because it was long and we went around in circles quite a bit, but I find it interesting that Christian men (in general) find issue with such photos.

For me at least, to be naked is to be in your natural state. We weren’t born with clothes on. So if I wanted to have a picture of a naked woman on my blog it shouldn’t (in theory) be any different from having a picture of a bare tree in winter. What it boils down to in essence is the sexual response one would experience from looking at one and not the other. Even though this shouldn’t be the case, a lot of people—in church and out of it—see a naked body as something sexual first, before they see it is something natural. Forget pornographic pictures, because I’m against pornography anyway, but to me nakedness in photography can provide a very bold statement about vulnerability, boldness and inhibitions. It can make us question our own responses to certain images and perhaps challenge them.

People aren’t as repulsed or shocked or uncomfortable at naked photos of children because it’s children, and only a very small group of people in the world would be sexually aroused by such images. It’s the photo of a fully grown woman, round breasts, wide hips and all, that seems to be  a bigger problem for some. Interesting to note: the same people aren’t as appalled to step inside the National Gallery, where there are hundreds of oil paintings from way-back-when of naked women. For some reason, that is art, but a real-life image is too much.

I speak not from a corner of condemnation, but from my own experiences. You see, Tumblr is a very free social network. It doesn’t have the same restrictions as Facebook and Twitter, therefore people go wild and it’s likely that you’ll stumble across blogs dedicated to naked people and, in some cases, porn clips. As a heterosexual woman, I have no problem seeing naked women on my Tumblr Newsfeed, because I’m able to rationally separate the photos that are supposed to be there for titillation and those that are there to make a point (or are just very, very pretty and empowering). I mean, breasts don’t phase me because I have a pair of my own! And I can look at them whenever I want to. However, when a photo of a naked man comes along my Newsfeed, I get all uncomfortable (“scroll quick! Before my eyes are burned.“) This isn’t because I actively objectify men, but because a naked man will—most times—strike me as an image of sex, before something more artistic. And, as someone who’s had problems with lust in the past and still struggles from time to time, I’m not too keen on having photos of penises in my face. I’m not completely unable to separate porn from art, but I find it much harder than if I was looking at a photo of a woman.

But this means that it’s my problem. I can’t look down my nose at the men posing, as if they’re doing something morally wrong, because they may not have taken the photo to arouse anyone, so if I am aroused, it’s something I need to deal with and the logical step would be to avoid certain users on Tumblr who I know like to post those things (no, I wouldn’t close down my Tumblr account because that’s a bit extreme in my eyes. There are harmfully unedifying videos on Youtube, but I still have an account there and the same can be said for the things you find on Facebook.)

What I was able to get from the discussion I had with both of my friends is a mutual understanding. I appreciate the male body, same way how my male friends appreciate the female body, so if they don’t think photos of the female body is appropriate, that’s their view.

As for me, I love women’s bodies. God is surely an artist ; ) . So yeah, I don’t have a problem with those photos, as long as the women in them aren’t being exploited.

Happy Sabbath.
(Gosh, sunset was at 7:16 today. Summer is over…)


3 thoughts on “I Like Naked Women

  1. By exploitation you mean??? What is exploiting if not sharing what was meant for only her husband as a gift and intimate setting apart by posting for yours and anyone’s eyes to see? Its all well and good to say you enjoy God’s beauty in creating the human body, but God alone is the decider of who sees what. Mayhap you would then post without shame your own daughter’s naked body on your blogs? Your mother’s, sister’s, aunts, wife’s??? Don’t begin to say dear brother that God made a woman’s body to be seen naked by anyone who “loves the human body”. It’s enough to add His “stamp of approval” on His creatures by taking away how HE values that which HE creates? Who is man to say, “well God created it for us to USE as WE see fit”? Ask Him, if your appreciation comes close to HIS approval…the only naked body you have a “right” to appreciate God’s art in making is that of your own wife. But even then I think if you share that with the world at large you may be surprised to hear God one day say “No my son, you did not value the wife of your youth. By making her a temptation for lust for any other man, however weak he may be, you sinned against her and your neighbor and therefore ultimately against Me.” How much more for those naked bodies do you think He will say that DID NOT belong to you to share? Sigh…..

    • Okay, let’s clear up a few things, because it looks like you read the title and a few tidbits of what I wrote, and then made your own conclusions:

      1. I am a woman.
      2. I made a definite distinction between the exploitation of women’s bodies (as in porn, etc) and say, a life portrait for a example
      3. If my mother, sister, aunt, etc. had been painted in a life portrait, and I knew it was their choice, I would not have a problem with it. My problem would only come knowing the stigma that would be placed upon them and the judgments from other men that they must be a “slut” or something, for doing that.
      4. I’m very aware that God says the wife’s body is for her husband and the husband’s body is for his wife; the whole point of this blog post was that people only really decide to dictate what women AS A WHOLE, regardless of their marital status, should do with themselves, whether it be wearing short skirts, to being painted or photographed naked.
      5. It’s not a woman’s fault if a man lusts after her. It’s time men took responsibility for their lusts, because women always have to.
      6. You bypassed the whole point of this post, which was to show the hypocrisy of people saying that a naked woman is somehow shameful in picture, but they don’t mind seeing the “art” of a naked painting in a gallery. I was talking about men who say it’s all wrong, due to their socialised opinions of “owning” women and their future wives, but not actually having a reason of as to WHY they feel this way.
      7. Clearly, I won’t be posting any pictures of naked people here. This isn’t a photography blog.

      Double sigh.

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