Now is the Time

You’re going to prepare the bonfire of your life.
Everything that wasn’t you–
the CDs, the shiny mags
the hookahs, the pipes,
the obscure, salacious novels
and the browns, pinks and blues
that you used to decorate your face
and hide the real beauty that was crying underneath.

As flames dance before your eyes
and you watch the sceptres of your past
curl like the talons of the vultures
that used to feast on your life,
The New You emerges.
History has passed away without a mark of its existence
and the only thing you feel is relief.
Chains have been broken,
shackles removed
bear traps loosened
hearts patched and mended
and a myriad of blessings twist around your soul.
You feel the excitement–
no need for fear–
you’ll wait for the Old to become New
as God creates the better You.